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It is definitely going to help us, and it's also one of those things that our customers are concerned about. We're trying to be as responsible as we can for our community and our world. 
June Roy Martin, Communications Director
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FAQ's | Partners | Case Study | EOS Solar Projects

1.Will solar electric power work for our business?
2.What are the benefits of using solar electric power?
3.Is solar a good investment?
4.What percentage of our company’s power can a solar electric system contribute?
5.How is the system mounted to a flat roof?
6.Won’t solar panels need to be angled on a flat roof to capture the most sunlight?
7.What happens to my roof warranty?
8.How much electricity will a photovoltaic system produce?
9.What is the environmental benefit of installing a photovoltaic system?
10.Is there really enough sunshine in the Northeast?
11.Do the panels need to face south?
12.What condition should my roof be in?
13.Does this system require servicing?
14.What happens when snow covers the PV panels?