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We have worked successfully and productively with EOS on turbine procurement, logistics, construction, and commissioning. They have been a great partner on the Fox Islands Project: responsive, reliable, and true to their word. We really could not have gotten this far without their help.
George Baker, CEO
Fox Islands Wind, LLC


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1.What is a Power Purchase Agreement?
2.What is wind energy?
3.What is a wind turbine and how does it make electricity?
4.How big is a wind turbine?
5.How much electricity can one wind turbine generate?
6.What is on-site power generation?
7. Are there advantages to on-site generation over the traditional "centralized" model?
8.What is net-metering?
9.Do I need to do a feasibility study before installing a wind turbine?
10.How do the cost of wind turbines compare with other forms of electricity generation?
11.How much noise a wind turbine make?