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We are pleased to be partnering with EOS Ventures to build this unique and innovative financing model which allows smaller projects to be bundled together to benefit from economies of scale.  This project is an excellent example of what it means to be America’s Most Exciting BankSM and demonstrates our leadership in financing clean energy solutions to benefit our markets.
Michael P. Daly, President & CEO
Berkshire Bank

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Developing and financing renewable energy projects is not simple. Monetizing tax credits, negotiating Power Purchase Agreements, selling Renewable Energy Credits, securing construction loans, sourcing technology, establishing capital structures and sources, engaging and managing EPC contracts, and operating and maintaining systems in the relatively new renewable space is simply hard to do. But EOS gets it done. With a proven track record of developing and financing renewable projects, EOS is looked to as a leader in the Northeast.

  • Financing – In the worst economic climate in more than 50 years, EOS has successfully financed multiple renewable energy projects representing more than 30 MW of installed capacity.
  • Renewable Energy – To date, EOS has participated in dozens of renewable energy projects (wind, solar and cogeneration installations) including the largest community shared solar installation in the Northeast.
  • Cost-Savings – EOS owns and operates 11 solar installations that generate electricity at a rate lower than what the host sites pays for from the grid, and in 2015 that saved each site an average of 10% on their electricity bills.
  • Experience – EOS’s ownership and management team have decades of business and management experience developing hundred of millions of dollars in real estate and renewable energy projects.