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We have worked successfully and productively with EOS on turbine procurement, logistics, construction, and commissioning. They have been a great partner on the Fox Islands Project: responsive, reliable, and true to their word. We really could not have gotten this far without their help.
George Baker, CEO
Fox Islands Wind, LLC


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1.What is Combined Heat & Power or "CHP"?
2.Does it replace my existing boiler system?
3.How much can I save?
4.How long do they last?
5.How do I get started?
6.What are some Typical Applications?
7.Why Cogeneration or CHP?
8.What are the benefits of CHP?
9.Why install a CHP system ?
11.How long has Aegis Energy Services been in business?
12.What year did Aegis Energy services install its first cogeneration system?
13.How many cogeneration systems have clients purchased from Aegis?
14.What services are provided by the in-house staff?
15.Where is the cogeneration module manufactured?
16.What is the background of Cogeneration?
17.Who else utilizes this technology?
18.Why are conventional power plants not efficient?
19.Is CHP environmentally friendly?